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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

PEG's Spengler can disparage candles as violence fighting measure, but we're 'jerks'

Some might remember last week when the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) went into a screaming meltdown of horrified outrage, on Facebook (oops--Facebook apparently didn't like that one, and took it down), on their blog, at Opposing Views, and over and over again on their Twitter feed. What has them stomping their little feet is our various responses to the Brady Campaign's "Too Many Victims" candle burning and "gun control" party on Jan. 8.

CSGV's little temper tantrum specifically mentioned blog posts by several gun rights advocacy bloggers, including my St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner column about the event, and about the futility of burning candles to stop violence.

What offended them the most, though, was the video (below), made by Joe Huffman and Baron Barnett. If you haven't seen it, it's definitely worth the time:

Oddly enough, though, CSGV lovingly echoes their ideological ally Abby Spangler, of Protest Easy Guns, when she says something quite similar to what we said, on our way to becoming "jerks":

I decided that someone had to speak out and say this is unacceptable. We're not just going to light candles to mourn the victims.
Double standards much?


Weer'd Beard said...

Hey, if having standards is good, double standards must be TWICE as good!

BTW, Abby Spangler kinda is a jerk, so maybe it is a fair label....

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

BTW, Abby Spangler kinda is a jerk, so maybe it is a fair label....

Yeah, but being a "jerk" was kinda cool, until she moved into the neighborhood ;-).

LC Scotty said...

"Unfortunately, the sight of a confident, outspoken woman working to end gun violence is more than many pro-gun activists can take."

Soooo, steamingpoopfart is a "pro gun activist"? Funny, I haven't seen him (her?) at any of the meetings, and I don't see the name on the GUNLOBBY list of people getting the wheelbarrows full of ill gotten industry gains.

And of course the person with the assault boolitz. Wait, which side is it again that can't keep terminology straight? Is it ours or theirs?

I have no doubt that among the near 100 million gun owners in this country that there are a few jerks, but being an asshole on youtube comments does not an activist make.

And since when do these goofuses allow comments on their videos anyway?

Jake Syma said...

For posterity:
The anniversary of the Tucson Shooting does not belong to CSGV, it belongs to the victims. Some will choose to commemorate the victims as CSGV does; others will choose to commemorate them as we do.* Reasonable people can disagree. If the pro self-defense community is "dancing in the blood" of the victims," then the anti self-defense community is slow-dancing in it.

* http://www.nrahq.org/rtbav/

LC Scotty said...


This is steamingpoopfart's channel.

"About steamingpoopfart's channel

i am the troll of troll i will troll you till thee dies and trolls"

So, is he an "activist" or a trolling douchenozzle?