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Friday, October 05, 2012

CSGV becoming increasingly frantic over 'printable gun'

Andrew Goddard is the father of professional victim Colin "The Alchemist" Goddard, and generally tries to portray himself as passionately opposed to "gun violence"--and here he is wishing the decapitation by firearm of an American citizen. Interestingly, CSGV has tacitly endorsed Goddard's bloody wish by not criticizing the comment or deleting it (CSGV routinely deletes comments it doesn't like, including over half of them on this post--so much for "reasoned discourse"--but Goddard's is still there. In fact, four people gave that comment the "thumbs up" of approval.

CSGV and their fellow travelers are so committed to their sick agenda of a "government monopoly on force" that they wish death on those who would make that monopoly impossible. Such people are exactly the reason the "Wiki Weapon" project is so vital to not only Americans, but to the world. [More]

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