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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Michael Bannerman (AKA 'Laci the Dog') doesn't want arresting people to require any broken laws

Earlier this week, I wrote about the "Wiki Gun" project, headed by a young man named Cody Wilson, to develop a design for a handgun to be made in its entirety by a 3-D printer, and to then make that design available, free of charge, to anyone with internet access. It's an ambitious project, and not all of the difficulties are mechanical in nature (the makers of the high-end 3-D printer revoked the lease without warning when they became aware of the nature of the project).

Yesterday, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence noted this development on their Facebook page. This is not the first time CSGV has been disturbed by this impending death of "gun control"--an earlier article of mine prompted this anguished bleating on CSGV's Facebook page (check out the comments, too--they're hilarious):

The latest in gun nuttery: Insurrectionists threatening to make AK-47s out of printers if new gun laws enacted.
They also mentioned it on Twitter.

The latest comment replying to yesterday's CSGV Facebook post is especially interesting:

Michael Bannerman: He should be arrested for doing this.
If the name "Michael Bannerman" sounds familiar, there is a good reason for that. Bannerman is the real name of the rabidly, virulently, anti-guns, anti-rights, subhuman sack of vileness who more often writes under the name of his hideous, mangy, rodent-like "dog," to whom he refers as "Laci the Dog."

I've talked about this little parasite a couple times before. Nowadays, he doesn't seem to be currently active on any blogs of his own, but often spews his intellectually and morally bankrupt verbal pollution at "Mikeb302000"--just the place for such sewage.

Now he is advocating the arrest of a man against whom there is exactly ZERO evidence of any crimes (oh, and did I mention that Bannerman is a lawyer?). Pretty much par for the course, I suppose.

If people like that ever acquire any power, we're going to have to get our hands very bloody. I'm ready.

Update: CSGV is now worried enough about Cody Wilson (the "Wiki Weapon" visionary) to have hung the dreaded "insurrectionist" label on him (and again, check out the comments--they're precious). In fact, he has even made their silly "Insurrectionism Timeline":

I like this guy better and better all the time.


Sean D Sorrentino said...

How interesting that a lawyer says someone should be arrested for ThoughtCrime.

Maybe he didn't really understand that IngSoc wasn't the hero of the book 1984.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Yeah--probably a good name to keep off the Rolodex in case of legal trouble.

Unknown said...

I took Laci's remarks to mean, not so much that the guy should be arrested literally, as that what's he's advocating is bad.

I agree with that. You guys who think guns do more good than harm are deluded by your bias. Making them available to everyone, which is what this science fiction bullshit is talking about, would make matters worse not better.

Anonymous said...

I think in the real world, when a criminal defense lawyer says "he should be arrested" then it's reasonable to believe that the criminal defense lawyer meant exactly what he said.

I realize did you freak anti gun weirdos live in an alternate reality, so the world my look different from where you stand.

also, what color is the sky in your world?

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

What Sean said.

Besides, if stereolithography (3-D printing) of guns is, as you so eloquently put it "science fiction bullshit," why are you, Bannerman, and CSGV worried about it?

By the way--I'm no more done with this subject than Cody Wilson is done making "gun control" obsolete and irrelevant.

Reality sucks for the forcible citizen disarmament freaks, doesn't it?

Bob S. said...


How is advancing science and knowledge bad?

The large portion of scientific and medical advances have resulted from warfare/firearms.

Canning of foods. Antibotics. Microwave ovens, radar.

Are you saying that we should stop trying to advance science?

And would you care to do something completely different and offer evidence to support your position that "guns do more good than harm".

By the way, in order to do that, you would have to show the GOOD that firearms do as well as the bad.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

To my utter lack of surprise, Bonomo has scurried back to his little hole, too cowardly to continue to attempt further defense of the indefensible.

He, Bannerman, and Cabot belong together in their cowardice and moral and intellectual bankruptcy.

Unknown said...

Sorry I'm not spending as much time over here as you'd like Kurt. I'm busy.

I don't want to disarm anyone except those who are unfit. And I'm not worried about that 3D nonsense.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

And I'm not worried about that 3D nonsense.

That's it, Bonomo--keep whistling past the graveyard of your forcible citizen disarmament fantasy. I can't wait to join great men like Cody Wilson in the celebratory performance of messy bodily functions on the rotting, bloated, reeking corpse of "gun control."

Keep telling yourself that "that 3D nonsense" hasn't already produced fully functional AR-15's (scary "assault weapons," in the parlance of your bed-wetting, cud-chewing ilk).

You lose, and freedom wins. Learn to live with it--or better yet, don't.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

And by the way, Bonomo, about that "I don't want to disarm anyone except those who are unfit" bullshit. You're not just a liar--you're such a bad liar that you can't even come up with plausible lies. Who the hell isn't "unfit" in your sick, twisted little mind?

You advocate trampling a guy's Constitutionally guaranteed, fundamental human right of the individual to keep and bear arms because someone else shot him.

Blame the victim much, asshole?

Anonymous said...

I love michael bannerman

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Good news for you, Anon! I don't imagine you'll have any competition for the disgusting object of your heart's bizarre desire.

Anonymous said...

Bannerman makes the constitution 101 mistake of thinking "well regulated" meant the same thing then that it does now, despite mountains of quotes from the founders and the dictionary definition at the time saying otherwise. If he doesn't know such a basic detail, why take him seriously at all?

He also quoted the supremacy clause of the constitution, not recognizing in typical law school ignorance that the key phrase there is "in persuance of" - also known as abiding by what is constitutional, but what would Madison and Jefferson know?

Then the dee gee character said Americans only have the power to vote, and if the Feds pass a law, it must be obeyed or else resisting it is treason! I guess he/she/it missed Wisconsin nullifying the Fugitive Slave Act. Apparently the position of those two fascists I saw posting on the older Hoffman article is that they would have supported bringing slaves back to their masters and rounding up Japanese for concentration camps as their hero fdr ordered bc despite what Jefferson and Madison said, the law is final and must be obeyed! The best line of dee gee's had to be that no insurrection had been a success - I guess I had forgotten all about the time the colonies voted themselves out of British rule.

I guess they also agreed with president Adams and the alien and sedition acts that speech critical of the state must be banned! After all, by their logic, if the govt passes a law, then we must all obey it.

Lastly, I will point out the extreme ignorance of accusing people of basically repeating what Madison wrote in federalist 46 or what Jefferson often wrote about as violating the constitution and being engaged in treason, yet they are completely silent about a president who has decided it is within his right to have secret kill lists, spy on every American citizen, spy on the press, and literally murder America citizens without charge or trial via drone strike because they appear on his secret kill list - including a 16 year old child. Suddenly, all the talk about treason is gone and instead these fascists are jumping up and down and cheering Obama on!

I know between quoting the founders and murdering America children who is more guilty of treason. Besides, under the NDAA that Obama demanded the congress pass, it is a violation of the law to give support and aid to terrorist groups like al queda - which is exactly what Obama has done in Syria and Libya. So who actually is guilty of treason now, eh?