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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Illinois Congressman makes bid to disarm the poor

Furthermore, Gutierrez has announced that his bill would ban the manufacture and sale of "junk guns" in the same way that the Gun Control Act has banned the importation of them. This means that short barrels, small calibers, fixed sights, light weight--many of the very features that define an ideal defensive firearm for concealed carry--are to count against a gun's legal status.

In other words, Gutierrez not only pushes the evil "No guns for Negroes" agenda, but also demonstrates that in his eyes, all of us who refuse to abdicate personal responsibility for our personal security are "Negroes." [More]

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Anonymous said...

The problem may be even worse than what the article describes. As with "mental illness" and "terrorism," the anti-gun politicians will undoubtedly make the definition of "junk gun" or "Saturday night special" so vague it will mean whatever they want. So your Smith & Wesson Military & Police revolver or Colt Commander will get banned along with the RG .22.