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Monday, March 18, 2013

Senator Cruz may have given Feinstein too much credit

A time may come--and perhaps soon--when liberty in America will depend on the people knowing how to improvise explosive weapons from materials that will never be banned (bleach and salt substitute, for example). Given the Department of Homeland Security's recent shopping spree for mine resistant vehicles, these improvised explosives may need to be rather large (but there is a reason the vehicles are called "mine resistant," and not "mine proof"). And Feinstein wants to imprison people for 20 years, for disseminating that vital information.

When Senator Cruz assumed Feinstein would hesitate to attack free speech--speech, no less, that might be vital for the preservation of our free republic--he gave her far too much credit. If she saw any benefit in quartering soldier's in private citizens' homes, the Third Amendment would be on her target list, as well. [More]

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