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Friday, April 26, 2013

CSGV once again stands against free citizenry, with jackbooted thuggery

It's a point I consider important. Forcible citizen disarmament advocates, like CSGV sycophant Bob Stone, never tire of contemptuously dismissing the notion of effective armed resistance against a tyrannical government, because even with our so-called "assault weapons" (demonized by "gun control" advocates as ultra-powerful "weapons of war" in every other context, but suddenly dismissed as useless for combat in this one), we would not stand a chance. Boston demonstrates otherwise.

But let's see where Horwitz goes next:

Patriotic citizens from coast to coast rallied around our government after witnessing the courageous actions of first responders and law enforcement in Boston.

Watch the video here (and read the article while you're at it), and decide if this is the government we should have "rallied around." Decide if the "courageous actions of first responders"--going door to door, without warrants, forcing families out of their homes at rifle-point, while screaming threats at them, should be venerated as the actions of a government that exists to "secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity."

And CSGV equates Mike and me with terrorists. [More]

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Anonymous said...

Leftist respect for law enforcement comes and goes. When cops arrest a mugger or drug dealer, those cops are "racist" and "bullies with badges." When cops shoot back at bank robbers or drug smugglers, liberals want to railroad the cops to federal prison for violating the criminals' civil rights. But when cops force honest citizens from their own homes at gunpoint, suddenly the liberals "rally around" the "courageous first responders." And when a cop is killed by a psychopath (whom the liberals recently released on parole for the 15th time), liberals shed crocodile tears for the cop and cite the tragedy as evidence of the need for more anti-gun laws. Meanwhile, they file petitions to get the poor cop-killer released on parole for a 16th time.