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Friday, April 12, 2013

Rep. Steve Israel introduces his 'undetectable' gun and magazine ban

That would be the perpetually abused interstate commerce clause--the hands-down favorite choice of federal lawmakers who want to regulate something the Constitution of the United States gives them no power to regulate (any federal gun law, for example). "But," one might well ask, "if I print an AR-15 lower receiver and a dozen "Cuomo" mags in my home, and never sell them, and never take them beyond my state borders, what has that to do with interstate commerce?"

That is indeed a good question, and in the significant number of states that have passed or are considering "Firearms Freedom Act" legislation, by which states deny federal power to regulate firearms and ammunition produced within the state, and kept within the state, it is an even better question. [More]

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Anonymous said...

Once again, anti-gunners try to reinvent the wheel, duplicating the 1988 Undetectable Firearms Act. That legislation was obviously aimed at the "plastic" Glock pistol, which supposedly could be smuggled by terrorists past airport security. Today, the Glock is used by such terrorist organizations as the FBI, US Marshals Service, DEA, New York State Police, Georgia State Patrol, and Florida Highway Patrol.

Anonymous said...

The "interstate commerce" clause is a typical case of "liberals" (i.e., fascists) expanding laws and definitions beyond all reason. If you are accused of stealing a car in Miami, it could be a federal case, because the car was manufactured in Detroit, and was transported interstate to Florida.

Unknown said...

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