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Monday, April 08, 2013

Use social media to confront 'universal background check' pushers on '40%' lie

One would imagine that Obama--and all the other "40%" liars--should not have had much trouble predicting that continuing to push that bogus figure, while pretending not to notice that some see through it, and want answers, would be noticed. And yet they still keep pushing the lie. Why would they do something like that, knowing that it clearly carries the political risk of damaged credibility?

The only sensible answer is that they think it's worth the risk. That their case for a private sales ban is too weak unless it's bolstered by nearly doubling or tripling the more likely numbers. That's the story that needs to get out: that even the biggest boosters of "universal background checks" do not believe that the truth would justify the law they claim is so desperately needed. [More]

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if there is much risk in pushing the lie. The Obama Zombies in the media will will parrot the administration's party line, and will demonize anyone who questions it.