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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

'Gun insurance' requirement would be punitive tax

This is a punitive tax on gun ownership--a transparent attempt to thin the ranks of legal gun owners by rendering legal gun ownership too expensive for many. As such, it is directly analogous to the odious poll taxes of the Reconstruction Era, in that it puts legal exercise of this fundamental human right out of reach of the poor--who are not only disproportionately comprised of ethnic minorities, but also disproportionately likely to live in neighborhoods where armed self-defense is likely to be necessary.

Harvey's proposal does have one thing going for it. During the reign of an administration that has shown both its rabid hostility to an armed citizenry, and an enthusiastic willingness to use the power of taxation as a weapon against political enemies, such legislation is likely to have powerful patrons within the government. [More]

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Anonymous said...

Of course, the muggers, carjackers, and home invasion robbers will all rush to buy gun liability insurance policies now.