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Monday, August 05, 2013

IL state senator gives violence victim a slap in the face

Ms. Shepard, through her incredible strength and courage, has won the state's recognition of her fundamental human right of self-defense, in church and out. Kotowski is trying to take that away from her. He stands with the future Willis Bates and Terry Sedlaceks of Illinois, and against their intended victims.

Some might say Kotowski has earned himself a particularly toasty spot in Hell for that. Any Twitter users care to tell him? [More]

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Anonymous said...

As usual, the leftists want to interfere in something that is none of their business. They are for "freedom of choice" when the issue is abortion or gay rights, but they are anti-choice as soon as you choose to do something that they don't like. They have no more right to force a gun ban on church property than they would to force a church to allow guns.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the so-called "liberals" would rather see an innocent woman get raped and murdered than see her assailant get shot in self-defense. They are completely on the side of criminals, and against honest citizens. I am afraid that the first time a citizen in Illinois does shoot a mugger or carjacker in self-defense, the authorities will prosecute that citizen for violating the poor criminal's rights. The media will cooperate by portraying the citizen as a crazed vigilante, and by portraying the attacker as a "child" on his way home after buying Skittles and iced tea.

MamaLiberty said...

Illinois is far more than nine months from being a place where one could rationally defend oneself. And it may never happen in fact, no matter what "laws" are written or what the "supremes" dictate.

I don't know why people who understand self defense, and are willing to do so effectively, want to stay in Illinois - or anywhere the statists have such a large and enduring strangle hold.

Is it easy to leave families and friends, a good job and familiar surroundings? No, but the alternative could be death, or lifelong frustration with the possibility of death or serious injury without recourse!

So, as seriously and deeply as I sympathize with Ms. Shepard, I have to ask just why she still lives there.