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Friday, August 09, 2013

Police department rejects 'safety' device anti-gun groups claim is necessary

The Colorado Springs Police Department seems to have concluded that the ability to shoot accurately in a crisis (and any gun fight is certainly a crisis) is more conducive to safety than a "feature" designed to enable consequence-free careless gun handling (and, incidentally, render the gun useless during a magazine change, or when the magazine is released during a struggle for the gun).

Will "gun safety" groups forgive them? [More]

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Anonymous said...

Sterling was sued and went out of business after a teenager accidentally shot a child with an automatic. IIRC, the lack of a magazine disconnector was an issue in the case. Of course, they sued the gun manufacturer instead of the punk. Lawsuits are often not about who is to blame, but about who has the deepest pockets.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Colorado springs will go back to pistols with magazine disconnect safeties after some rookie forgets about the cartridge still in the chamber and accidentally shoots his instructor.

Anonymous said...

"If that pistol had had a magazine disconnect device, my son would still be alive." Yes, and he would still be alive if the weapon had been locked in a safe instead of lying on a coffee table. Or if some idiot had kept his finger off the trigger when he did not intend to shoot, and/or if that idiot had kept the weapon pointed in a safe direction.

Anonymous said...

Why stop at guns? Pass a law requiring that bleach bottles contain castor oil, so kids won't want to drink it. And require that bathtubs be too shallow for kids to drown in them. Heaven forbid that adults take responsibility, read instructions and warning labels (including "keep this product out of reach of children"), and generally use common sense. Unfortunately, common sense is no longer common.

Anonymous said...

Many law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, order their service weapons without a magazine disconnect safety. I think the US Army and/or Defense Department also specified that any pistol they adopt must not have the disconnect. IIRC, Heckler & Koch offer weapons without the disconnect feature to government clients (military, police), but the versions sold to civilians have the magazine disconnect. I don't blame them, and I have no objection to a company voluntarily including that safety feature. I do hate it being forced on them, either by our "nanny state" government or by pettyfogging lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

Go here and defend your 2nd amendment rights!


Anonymous said...

In the lawsuit against Sterling Arms, an eight-year old boy was shot by his baby-sitter's boyfriend, who had found the child's parent's gun in a drawer. The parents sued Sterling, and blamed the company for not including a magazine disconnector safety. Naturally, somebody had to be to blame, and it couldn't possibly be the reckless teenager who pointed a gun at a child and pulled the trigger, or the parents who left a loaded gun unsecured.