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Monday, September 16, 2013

Media mongers new fear campaign over 'bump fire' stocks

Don't be surprised if soon, a new federal bill to ban bump fire stocks, and perhaps belt-fed semi-automatic rifles (which often fall outside regulation under many magazine bans, depending on how the ban is worded) is introduced, citing this very rifle. It would hardly be surprising if CNN ran this story at the request of Sen. Feinstein or a like-minded anti-gun jihadist, to "prep the battle field"--setting up public support for a ban. Or perhaps Feinstein is ambitious enough to hope that this development is sufficient to revive S. 150, which would ban bump fire stocks, belt-fed semi-automatics, and so-called "assault weapons."

. . .

In the meantime, if any reader has any suggestions as to how one might set up a Bumpski-equipped Vepr-12 shotgun for belt-feeding (without losing the magazine-feeding capability, and without costing thousands of dollars), St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner would love to hear from you. [More]

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