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Monday, September 23, 2013

CSGV exploits Navy Yard shooting to justify expanding 'prohibited person' list

So once again, the anti-Second Amendment jihadists are attempting to exploit a high-profile shooting in order to justify more laws that would have done nothing to prevent that shooting. This is not the first time that Horwitz has exploited the blood of murdered innocents to justify invading the privacy of prospective gun buyers (calling for ">mental screening" for gun buyers). It is unlikely to be the last. Kinda sounds like mental illness on Horwitz's part, doesn't it? [More]

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Anonymous said...

The NY Daily News had a photo of an AR-15 variant on their front page, with the headline, "Same gun, Different Slay." ("Same gun" meaning the same as in the Newtown rampage.) I realize that rumors fly after a big emergency, and the media receive a lot of conflicting reports and false information. But that is not an excuse. Not only was an AR-15 not used in the shipyard massacre, the "same gun" was not used in the school shooting more than eight months earlier.

Anonymous said...

The killer had a long history of violent behavior (incidents in Seattle, Ft. Worth, and an Atlanta suburb). He had told police in Rhode Island that his insomnia was caused by someone bombarding him with microwaves. If he had been prosecuted and convicted for assault, then he would have been a convicted felon, and could not have legally bought a firearm. If he had been properly diagnosed as psychotic, then, again, the already-existing laws would have prevented him from legally owning a weapon. Rather than ban the AR-15 (which was not even used in this rampage, or in Sandy Hook, either), we need to take the revolving doors out of the criminal justice system and the mental health care system.