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Monday, September 02, 2013

Obama's latest executive orders highlight need for serious push on H.R. 2247

These guns belong to the American people. Obama's import ban by fiat had might as well be a confiscation, not just of guns, but of our history--and of skills that we will some dark day need to preserve our nation and our lives. He must be stopped, one way or another. [More]

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Anonymous said...

So, an American citizen can't be allowed to obtain an M1 rifle or Colt .45 handgun (or even a 1903 Springfield bolt action rifle), but Obama wants to send the Syrian "rebels" (i.e., Al Qaeda-linked terrorists) enough firepower to wipe out half the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

Obama is also against "star wars" ABM weapons that could defend against a missile attack. America can't have defensive weapons, but the Muslim Brotherhood can have offensive weapons. Next, he will probably propose a law to prohibit cops and honest citizens from wearing body armor, while allowing muggers and carjackers to carry machine guns.