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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Brady Campaign cites massacre in Nairobi, to advocate Nairobi-like gun laws here

So, to sum up, Gross advocates gun laws just like Kenya's, so we can avoid what happened in . . . Kenya. Wait--what? [More]

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Anonymous said...

Whenever a leftist policy or program fails, the "progressives" cite the failure to justify more of the same. The gun ban didn't go far enough, or the welfare program was underfunded. So you have the vicious circle of violence in jurisdictions with the most restrictive anti-gun laws, followed by liberals calling for...more anti-gun laws.

Anonymous said...

When you point out that cities and states with the most stringent anti-gun laws (Chicago, New York, Washington, D.C.) have the worst crime rates, the anti-gun activists claim that it's because guns are smuggled into those places from states with lax gun control laws. (That argument is often used to justify federal gun laws that would apply to all states.) (BTW, the anti-gunners have no explanation for why the states with "lax" gun control have lower crime rates.) But it's unlikely that terrorists in Kenya were using AR-15's bought legally at a gun show in Vermont, or in a sporting goods store in Arizona.