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Monday, October 14, 2013

CSGV claims not to have sought handgun ban for decades; facts say otherwise

CSGV wants a "government monopoly on force." That cannot be achieved while we the people have any firearms. It may suit their purposes to hide parts of their sick, pro-tyranny agenda, but they will always be ready to lobby for whatever gun prohibition they think has a chance of being imposed on the once-free American people. And always ready to lie through their teeth. [More]

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Anonymous said...

CSGV's original name was probably to "separate" handgun owners from long gun owners. "We're not after your deer rifle or shotgun, just those evil handguns." Yeah, right. They changed their name, partly to expand their crusade from just handguns to "assault weapons." Also, an organization to "ban" guns sounded too extreme. To appear moderate, they took a name that claims they just want to "stop gun violence." (Presumably, stabbing or beating a victim to death is OK.) And now they want to "separate" the "insurrectionists" from people who own guns for sports or for defense against crime. But "separating" one's opponents has another name: "divide and conquer."