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Thursday, November 14, 2013

CSGV blames NRA for Americans rejecting 'government monopoly on junk-touching'

As for Horwitz's apparent contention that opposition to the long train of abuses perpetrated by the TSA on the American people is a creation of the gun rights movement, perhaps he would care to explain why polling found that 61% of the public objected to TSA's heavy-handedness, and that the more one flies (and thus the more one is subjected to the TSA's thuggery), the more likely one is to harbor "TSA animus," as Horwitz puts it. Perhaps he is admitting that the gun rights movement is far larger than he has previously been willing to acknowledge.

Anyone who works for the TSA needs to realize that as a part of such a loathsome agency, they have earned the hostility of those who are unwilling to allow the government to reach into our pants. [More]

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