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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Sen. Feinstein apparently wants to ban 19th century revolvers

Feinstein, though, has now taken the insanity to a perhaps unprecedented level. Now it's not just ergonomic refinements and cosmetic features that render some guns "unsuitable" for private ownership. Now, the name of the gun is enough to justify a ban.

She would probably really object to this correspondent's idea for an AR-15 platform rifle marketed as the "Regime Changer" ("Recall Ballot From the Rooftops Launcher" is an awkwardly long name for a gun). That, of course, just adds to the idea's appeal. [More]

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Anonymous said...

What's in a name? Do we need to ban the Colt 1873 Single Action Army and 1851 Navy revolvers? In the 1970's, our local police department issued Colt Trooper revolvers to its officers, and the sheriff's department used Smith & Wesson Model 28 Highway Patrol revolvers. Maybe that was inappropriate. Judging by their names, those handguns were clearly intended only for state police, not local. And the Colt Agent was obviously only for federal officers (FBI, Secret Service), not state or local cops.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Feinstein carrying a handgun? When she was mayor, San Francisco passed an ordinance banning handguns. (It was later overturned on the grounds that gun control in California was strictly under state law, so local jurisdictions did not have authority.) Anyway, at the time, she made a big show of turning in her revolver to the police chief. But she turned in one handgun. According to her gun permit, she owned two.

Anonymous said...

Kurt, I actually meant to leave a post here, but I left it on David Codrea's post referencing this article. You really ought to follow up with S&W on this "militia & patriots" idea--it could very well be marketing gold.


Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Hey--great to hear from you, Alltheway. It has been a long time. I think I will talk to S&W about my idea of "M&P."