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Thursday, November 21, 2013

'Trayvon's Amendment' would be funnier if not for the people who like the idea

Whoever came up with "Trayvon's Amendment" did a nice job--funny stuff. It would be even funnier, though, if we didn't know that a not insignificant percentage of the population is reading those 12 provisions and thinking, "Say--that's a good idea." If that number grows large enough, we will have to kill many of them to keep at least part of this abomination from becoming reality. And that's not funny. [More]

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Anonymous said...

I just can't figure out if "Trayvon's Amendment" is satire or not. It sounds too crazy to be for real, but so do a lot of leftist proposals. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee proposed a bill to force states to abolish Stand-Your-Ground laws. She said it was "because of what happened to Trayvon," although both the prosecution and defense in that case said that SYG laws had nothing to do with the shooting. And I thought that the "Thanks, Obamacare" ads were some kind of satire by a conservative group, but the Colorado Consumer Healthcare Initiative seemed to take them seriously when they posted them.