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Monday, June 09, 2014

Columnist compares open carry activists to child rapist/murderers

The far-left Daily Kos, astonishingly (or perhaps not), has taken the silly meme of "firearms as substitute for inadequate sexual anatomy" even further than Marcotte did, to the bizarre extreme of repeatedly referring to semi-automatic rifles as "giant metal death penises," indicating an astounding--and rather alarming--level of ignorance of the purpose of both firearms and penises.

Again, the wisdom of the approach to activism taken by Open Carry Texas is open to very legitimate question, but if anyone in this discussion can be fairly described as dangerously consumed by hatred, it ain't OCT.. [More]

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Anonymous said...

Once again, the idea that gun owners are trying to compensate for sexual inadequacy, and that guns are substitutes for penises. In fact, Freud said that anti-gun fanatics were the ones who saw guns as phallic symbols. He also said that hoplophobia was a symptom of sexual immaturity.

And comparing gun owners to child molesters is ironic. The anti-gun activists are the same bleeding heart liberals who oppose punishing or confining criminals, including pedophiles. They demand that violent criminals be released from imprisonment over and over again. Then, when a child gets raped by some pervert who was recently released from the state hospital, or when an elderly victim gets beaten to death by a mugger who is out on parole for the fifteenth time, they blame the NRA.

Anonymous said...

Claiming to be trying to "protect the children" is an old tactic. So is comparing one's opponents to child molesters. "The safety of our children" is a very effective Trojan Horse.

During the Holocaust, Nazi propaganda claimed that Jews were sex perverts who raped children. So rounding up Jews and hauling them off to concentration camps was therefore just a necessary precaution "to protect the children."

Unknown said...

The "Anti's" have no genuine, actual FACTS to justify, codify or validate their ridiculous, fictitious and un-American "agenda[s]" so they use insults, false accusations, fear, lies and any other tactic available to persuade those in America with small brains to join them.