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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

JPFO Alert: "Gun Control" Advocates Respond to Las Vegas Killings by Advocating Tyranny

Today's JPFO Alert notes that those attacking the Second Amendment are just the ones who make it necessary.

All these "progressives" argue that the United States government is not tyrannical, and that armed resistance to against it is treason. Fair enough. Why, though, do they seem in such a hurry to make it tyrannical?

And as always, if you haven't seen all the great JPFO Alerts written by David, Nicki, and Claire, you owe it to yourself to fix that.


Anonymous said...

When Bush was president, leftists invoked the First Amendment, and insisted that protest and dissent were the highest form of patriotism. Now, they want to squelch all dissent, and "pull the license" of any media outlet ("starting with Fox News") that doesn't pretend to see Emperor Obama's new clothes.

And the leftists believe in collective guilt, but only when it suits their purposes. They blame Fox News, the Tea Party, and talk radio for the Las Vegas tragedy, but they insist that Islam can't be blamed for the Fort Hood hospital rampage or the Boston Marathon bombing.

BTW, almost every mass murder in the US in the past decade was committed by a registered Democrat and/or a Muslim. Right-wing, gun-clinging, God-clinging, government-hating anarchists are still 1 for 10.

Anonymous said...

If right-wing media outlets ("starting with Fox News") can be blamed for the Las Vegas murders, then the Koran should be banned for encouraging the Fort Hood and Boston murders, and the Beatles should have been prosecuted for the Tate and La Bianca murders.