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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Miss USA recommends self-defense against campus rape; enrages 'feminists'

Of course the best "solution" to sexual violence is that those who perpetrate it stop. Unfortunately, that will not happen until someone stops them, and that will not happen without force. Universities and politicians refuse to allow women to defend themselves with firearms, and others are offended by the idea of them defending themselves with fists and feet. If there is a "war on women," these people would appear to be on the wrong side of it. [More]

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Anonymous said...

Some statements are so crazy that is hard to think of a response to them. Teach men not to rape? Rape is already illegal, and it is considered deviant by the standards of any civilized society.

Most men already know that rape is wrong. The men who commit rape (or robbery, or burglary, or murder) are sociopaths. They have no conscience, and no respect for the rights of others. If they want something, they take it, whether it means stealing a car or forcing a woman to have sex against her will.

The leftists say "teach men not to rape," but they have been teaching criminals to commit crimes, including rape, for years. Their whole system is based on the idea that you are entitled to have whatever you want, without having to pay for it, and without having to earn it. The government is supposed to provide it for you, or you are justified in taking it by force. Whether it's sex, or money that someone else worked to earn.

The only way to stop rapists (and criminals in general) is with brute force. Martial arts, pepper spray, or, if it comes to that, firearms. Anyone who says otherwise is lying or delusional.