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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Congressman Honda still wants private citizens defenseless against rifle fire

He wants private citizens to be less protected against gunfire, less well equipped to effectively fight armored assailants, and unable to acquire firearms without the government's knowledge and approval. He, in other words, wants us held in serfdom--or dead. [More]

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Anonymous said...

Some states already have laws against wearing body armor while committing a crime. Such laws allow the state to impose longer sentences on criminals who wear armor, so that the armed robber who wore a bullet-proof vest while robbing a store might go to prison for eight years instead of five. And, of course, those laws don't affect honest citizens, who don't commit robberies in the first place.

Also, states could pass laws against convicted criminals owning body armor, just as there are already laws against convicted felons owning guns.

But Honda and other "Progressives" won't even consider passing a law that restrains or punishes criminals without infringing on the rights
of honest people.

Maybe Honda will introduce a bill to outlaw gloves. After all, burglars wear them to avoid leaving fingerprints. And ban jackets and coats, since they can be used to conceal weapons.

Maybe just ban the private possession of all property, to "increase public safety and aid law enforcement."

And, ironically, the "Progressives" want to disarm honest citizens (and even prohibit them from wearing protective clothing) to "aid law enforcement." The Progressives are pro-cop when it suits their agenda. The rest of the time, though, they are trying to railroad innocent cops to prison for "violating the civil rights" of thugs like Michael Brown.

"Violating civil rights" means defending yourself against some vicious, 290 pound, 6'4" assailant who is trying to murder you.