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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

JPFO Alert: New ATF Ruling on Privately Made Guns Defies Constitution, Logic, and English

Today's JPFO Alert takes a dizzying look down the rabbit hole of what passes for "logic" according to the BATFE.

So now, any gunsmith or machinist who is hired by the "gun" owner to complete the machining is going to be ruled to have "manufactured" a gun, and will thus be held to the same restrictions that apply to all commercial gun manufacturers. The BATFE is insisting on having its cake and eating it, too. They have previously argued that an 80% receiver ceases to be an 80% receiver, and becomes a "firearm," if the manufacturer does so much as scratch an outline showing where material needs to be milled away; but now, if the buyer of what the BATFE recognizes as an incomplete receiver similarly removes some of the material that must be removed in order to make the receiver function in a firearm, and then turns it over to a skilled professional gunsmith or machinist to finish the work, the professional ends up being considered the one to have "manufactured" the gun.

We're incessantly told about the dangers of failing to keep firearms out of the hands of the mentally incompetent. How much more dangerous, though, is it to hand guns, badges, and the power to formulate gun policy (no legislation needed!) to such people?


Glenn B said...

The amount of power that the government is seeking, in order to institute tyranny, is frightening. The only way they will be successful though is to disarm the populace and they are trying their best at that in every imaginable way.