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Monday, January 19, 2015

'Sanctuary cities' artificially inflate 'gun control' advocates' political power

And of course that greater electoral power can be (and no doubt is) used to advance aspects of the "progressive" agenda other than "gun control"--including large scale amnesty, and the attendant addition of 8 million or more anti-gun voters to the electorate.

To be a "single issue" gun rights advocate is to defend against only the direct attacks, while ignoring the more subtle ones. The forcible citizen disarmament jihadists know that, and have every intention of exploiting it. [More]

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Anonymous said...

Obviously, the liberal Democrats see illegal aliens as a great source of votes. Even if they cannot vote legally, their children, born in the US, will be citizens, and will be voters in 18 years. And, having been raised in families that were dependent on public assistance programs, they will naturally be Democrats.

And the Democrats even try to allow the illegal immigrants themselves to vote. Laws that require a voter to show a valid driver's license or other ID card (the same ID you would need to buy a six-pack of beer, or to cash your paycheck), are denounced as "racist" and "voter suppression" by Democrats.

And Democrats want illegal aliens (and vagrants) counted in the census, to inflate the populations of blue states, thus increasing their representation in Congress. (And also, possibly, increasing their eligibility for federal aid. Mayors and governors want the credit for hiring more firefighters, and for building more roads, but they want the IRS to get the blame for the increase in taxes.)

It's true that if you are a one-issue gun rights activist, you are unprepared for attacks on other fronts. These issues are all connected and interrelated. Lax immigration policy allows criminals and terrorists (and their illegal weapons) into the country. The natural result is an increase in crime and terrorism, which Progressives then use to justify more gun control laws.

And Republicans must share the blame, too. They always say that the latest amnesty for illegal immigrants is the last time. But, a few years later, both Republicans and Democrats are passing yet another amnesty bill.

Democrats see illegal aliens as a source of votes, and both Republicans and limousine liberal Democrats see them as a source of cheap labor.