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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Do the Bloomberg Blood Dance

It certainly didn't take Mayor Bloomberg long to turn Wednesday's heinous murders of two New York City auxiliary police officers into motive power for his civilian disarmament agenda. Within a day of the shootings, Bloomberg called the office of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, to try to pressure Congress into passing more laws to rein in the behavior of the lawless.

After spending hours with the victims' loved ones at the hospital, Bloomberg put in a call to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday, and said on his radio show that "there is just a point that we have to say, 'Enough."'
Actually, I agree with that--there definitely is a time to say "Enough," and I think that it has been that time for quite awhile now. Enough of the inevitable, abject failure to control violent crime--by ensuring a rich pool of disarmed and helpless victims. Enough stripping the law-abiding of the fundamental right of self-defense, because of the evil actions of a few. Enough pretending that the rights enumerated in the Constitution are negotiable, and subject to negation at the whim of the powerful. Yeah--we have had enough of your policies, Mayor.

Bloomberg, though, apparently didn't think he had said quite enough yet.
"The Democrats have said repeatedly that they blame the Republicans for gun legislation. Well, now they're in charge," he said. "OK, stand up."
If I recall correctly, the Democrats passed some very restrictive gun legislation back in 1994, and were subsequently routed in the elections that November. One would think that by now they would realize that they've had enough so-called "gun control."


Anonymous said...

you did well, grasshopper.

If Rover gave a damn about his people in NYC, he arm them all. But that would mean sharing power. He would rather everybody die than participate equally in living.

It is as simple as that. He and his ilk remind me of abusive husbands who kill their wives on the premise of "If I can't have you my way, nobody can."

He will kill you or incarcerate you if you try to participate in your life or liberty.

As you said, E fucking NOUGH.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Thanks, SA. I've despised Chicago's Mayor Daley for a lot longer, but this guy makes Daley look like the junior varsity of gun-grabbing, arrogant elitism.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Bodies not even cold yet, and they're doing the Danse Macabre.