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Friday, March 30, 2007

Zumbo's revenge

No, he's not taking revenge against gun rights activists for the damage to his career. He acknowledges that our righteous indignation was correct, warranted, and necessary.

Now, in an open letter to the United States Senate (which he requests be entered into the Congressional Record), he is returning fire at Senator Carl Levin, who used some of what Zumbo said in his fateful, ill-considered blog post, to try to advance Levin's civilian disarmament agenda. In Levin's speech, he utterly ignored Zumbo's complete reversal of his initial, poorly thought out position. Acknowledging Zumbo's abandonment of a position rooted in ignorance would have undermined Levin's goal of perpetuating that ignorance.

Not content with merely failing to mention Zumbo's recantation of his initial disapproval of homeland defense firearms for hunting, Levin actually deliberately mischaracterized that position as support for a general ban on these guns.

We all owe Jim Zumbo a debt of gratitude for his forthrightness, his honesty and his courage. We must put the safety of our communities first by taking up and passing sensible gun legislation that includes renewing the assault weapons ban.
As it happens, Zumbo has something to say about that.
In his final paragraph, Senator Levin misrepresents what I said. I never spoke in favor of a general assault weapons ban. Again, I immediately apologized for my blog statement that was exclusively directed toward hunting and not gun ownership.

I will not allow my name to be associated with this kind of attack on the Second Amendment rights of my fellow citizens.
Zumbo made a huge mistake (for which I suspect he will pay dearly for the rest of his life), and those who favor a government monopoly on force will attempt to exploit that mistake. How well that strategy will work for them is anybody's guess, at this point. Anything Zumbo does to defeat that strategy is OK in my book.


Anonymous said...

Immediately after Zumbo's initial comments, so many people anticipated that the anti's would use his words against us, even twisting them, just as they've done. If so many regular ol' Joe's and Josephine's could see this coming, how is it that a professional writer like Zumbo could have failed to see this coming? How can a man lie down with dogs and NOT see he may pick up fleas? Surely, though, Zumbo will finally see how truly shortsighted his comments really were. In daily life, one should be compassionate towards everyone, even his enemies. But in politics, one never, EVER, gives ammo to his enemies. They'll use it against you every time.