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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Don't forget IGOLD!

I've mentioned IGOLD several times before. It's tomorrow, so I'm almost done bothering you about it. I've told you about a few of the worst of the gun rights suppression bills oozing their way through the Illinois Politburo General Assembly--there are plenty of other, minor ones, and even a few good ones (check ISRA's homepage--currently the second item--or simply click here for the pdf version, for more details about both good and bad bills).

We have high hopes that IGOLD is going to be big, with lots of law-abiding citizens and some press coverage. Our legislators would prefer to ignore us. We intend to make that impossible tomorrow. Chicago Mayor Daley and his minions like to establish a presence at the capitol, but do so by shipping busloads of city employees (on the clock, with their wages coming from the taxpayers, and the buses paid for the same way). We hope to have a much larger presence, and this will be a real grassroots effort. Let's show them that the suppression of rights runs absolutely counter to the will of the people.

IGOLD can go a long way to protecting gun rights in Illinois, and even regaining some that have been lost. If you can make it to Springfield tomorrow, please do.