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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Just a quick addendum to yesterday's post

I'll post something else later today (and I'll even try to make it something of interest outside of Illinois--I promise), but a couple of events related to the push to ban .50 caliber rifles in Illinois have come up since I talked about that yesterday.

First, we hear from the Illinois State Rifle Association that the sponsor of SB 1471 (the .50 cal ban bill) got caught in a lie at his press conference yesterday.

In his address, Kotowski pointed to a rifle staged as a prop for the event and described it as being a "military" weapon. What Kotowski did not know was that Mr. Mark Westrom, President of Armalite, Incorporated, was in the audience. Mr. Westrom rose to inform the attendees that his company manufactured the rifle in question, and that his company has never sold the rifle to the military. Westrom continued by pointing out that the rifle is purchased primarily by civilian target shooters. Westrom's revelation changed the course of the press conference, to say the least.
How typical of the civilian disarmament advocates--pointing to what they call a "military rifle" that has never been sold to any military! As ISRA points out, when Senator Kotowski was the head mouthpiece for the Joyce Foundation-funded ICHV freedom haters, sidestepping the truth made sense--he was mostly speaking to people who would eagerly swallow whatever lies he wanted to spoon-feed them, anyway. As a Senator, though, he can't count on his spewings passing with so little scrutiny.

Also, if you want to read the Chicago Tribune's argument that the .50 caliber should be banned because it is the weapon of choice of . . . Godzilla, this op-ed piece should be good for a chuckle--War on Guns has something to say about that "journalism," as do Hairy Hobbit and Piss Off the Left.