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Monday, April 30, 2007

Another international gun ban movement?

Way back last November, I wrote about the U.N.'s rather . . . peculiar position that there is no human right to self-defense (see Dave Kopel's excellent analysis). By taking this position, I suppose they hoped to bolster their case in the advancement of their civilian disarmament agenda.

Now, it's another international group that hopes to bestow on governments a monopoly on the use of force. This time, it's the Inter-Parliamentary Union in conjunction with the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue.

"The statistics are damning. There are currently an estimated 640 million small arms and light weapons in circulation, from handguns and assault rifles to shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles," Johnsson and Martin Griffiths of the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue said in a joint statement.

"Most of this arsenal, or about 60 percent, is in the hands of civilians. Recent dramatic events have proved the urgent need for action," they added, noting that parliamentarians had a key role in gun control through drawing up national laws, improving implementation and enforcement, and leading public debate.
Hey, that's kinda cool--supposedly, there are 240 million privately owned firearms in the U.S., out of approximately 384 million (by the IPU's numbers) among all the world's civilians--meaning we own five out of every eight. I guess we would be the wrong folks to mess with.
Johnsson said that no U.S. lawmakers were able to attend the meeting this week in Bali.
Yeah, Anders--don't bother saving any seats for U.S. legislators at the next one, either (and any who do come--do us a favor, and keep them, would you?).


opaww said...

There is an attempt with in the U.N. to place into their law, that takes away the right of self-defense for all people in the world, and yes even Americans.

This is being headed by Minnesota Law Professor Barbara Frey.
THE U.N. HAS appointed University of Minnesota Law Professor Barbara Frey as its “Special Rapporteur on the prevention of human rights violations committed with small arms and light weapons.”

A “Special Rapporteur” is a U.N.-designated expert and researcher on a subject.

Notably, the title the U.N. gave to Frey required her to look exclusively at how small arms are used to violate human rights—and to ignore how small arms are used to protect human rights, such as when used to resist genocide. But the one-sided nature of Frey’s research mission was consistent with her own views; Frey is a member of IANSA and participated in a 2005 strategy meeting in Brazil designed to support the gun prohibition referendum in that nation.

On July 27, Frey issued her final report, declaring that there is no human right to self-defense and that insufficient gun control is a violation of human rights. (The report, “Prevention of human rights violations committed with small arms and light weapons,” is available on IANSA’s website,

But yet this said anti-American has over looked the fact that many nations in the world already have in place strict gun control and all it has done is lead to human rights violations by there very government, to include Genocide in many nations. This link is about this slime bag un-American bitch, and her deceptive attempt to rid America of it’s right to own guns.


Here is a full list of Genocide committed and most all the nations had strict Gun laws preventing the citizens from owning guns for self-defiance.


These were backed by communists/socialist/dictators who knew their limitations if the populous were armed. This list does not include the genocide in Germany before and during the Second World War, which totaled over 11 million, (6 Million Jews, and 7 million others). If we add into the fanatical religious genocide you can see happening now, it adds up to a hell of a lot of people. Most all are unable to defend their ownselfs because of strict gun measures of the country they are living in, or the deception of other anti-gunners in the world. Nowhere do we see the U.N. or the anti-gunners in America ever quote the use of private guns to stop a criminal act or even to defend from hate crimes that may be committed against someone.

Almost every year there is close to 2 million legal firearms used to stop a crime and save lives in the U.S. alone.

Could there be genocide with in the United States of America? Yes it could very well happen. If all Americans were disarmed right now, genocide would follow, from criminals running ramped through out the U.S. The estimated 2 million lives saved each year would become deaths and the number would double. In effect causing over 4 million to die from a criminal genocide alone, each year. Not counting any that the Government decided to place in prison for speaking out against them or standing up to a communist governing body. Which many under arrest would die from miss-treatment and flat out executions.