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Monday, April 16, 2007

Kansas Governor Sebelius a slow learner

Apparently, Kansas Governor Sebelius did not pick up on the lesson implicit in the sound defeat of her veto of concealed carry legislation last year, and has now vetoed a bill that would prevent individual municipalities from imposing additional arbitrary restrictions on our favorite right that shall not be infringed (such a law shouldn't be necessary, of course, but it clearly is).

The bill should have no difficulty getting the 87 veto override votes it needs in the House--it got 106 votes when it initially passed in the House. The Senate is a bigger question. HB 2528 needs 27 Senators to vote for the veto override--only two fewer than voted for its initial passage. For Kansans who wish to organize a mail and phone blitz to their Senators, urging them to vote for the veto override, might I suggest concentrating on the Democrats who initially voted "Yea" (but as Democrats, might be vulnerable to partisan pressure to support the Democratic governor)?

There are five of them (remember, HB 2528 needs at least three of them to stick to their principles). They are:
Senator Mark Gilstrap,
Senator David Haley,
Senator Anthony Hensley,
Senator Laura Kelly, and
Senator Chris Steineger.

It would behoove rights advocates in Kansas to let these Senators know that rights trump party loyalties.


Anonymous said...

I would like to direct your attention to ksccw.com -> pending and future legislation. We have been actively corresponding with our Senators and Representatives asking for their support in regards to overriding the governors veto. We aren't concerned about the house but we are the senate. There are a few lost causes such as Sen. Greta Goodwin and Sen. David Wysong. We have been trying to show the huge benefit of HB2528 and hope the Senators on the fence post will vote to override. It will be close but we think we have a good chance. I understand the veto override vote takes place on the 26th of April. We don't understand why anyone would reject legislation that keeps uniform legislation across the state and allows the KBI and AG's office the ability to be more scrutinous in regards to selecting qualified CCH Licensees.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Good luck, Anon, and thanks for the link and the other information.