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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kansas HB 2528 veto override update

I mentioned Monday that the attempt to override Kansas Governor Katherine Sebelius' veto of Kansas HB 2528, which would stop municipalities from imposing arbitrary new restrictions of their own on the licensed concealed carry of firearms, could come as early as today.

Now, it seems that the Virginia Tech murders could make that more difficult. This would seem rather counterintuitive, since the obvious lesson to be drawn from Virginia Tech is that the abolishment of victim disarmament zones is in the best interests of public safety. I suppose that the other lesson to be drawn is that logic has no place in the arguments for tighter regulation of an armed citizenry. Senator Anthony Hensley is mentioned by name in the article as one of the senators who initially voted for the bill, but is now undecided about voting for the veto override--since the override vote can only afford to lose two Senators, it's important to keep encouraging him to do the right thing, and vote for self-defense.

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Anonymous said...

My letter to him.

Sir, I understand the Virginia Tech atrocity is causing you to reconsider your support for a bill that would mandate statewide uniformity as regards the bearing of arms, by prohibiting sub-levels of government from encoding more restrictive measures than state law.

Logic dictates that on that horrible day on the Virginia Tech campus there were too few guns. That really is not arguable. The monster that killed so many could not have done so were he not endowed with an unbeatable advantage by the administration of the university. He was the most powerful person on that campus because the university made him so, by demanding helplessness from all students.

Evil has free rein when the righteous are helpless. Helplessness is not a security measure. I hope you do not make the mistake of punishing those who would obey the law in favor of those who would not.

Some of my happiest memories are from when I lived in Manhattan,Ks., and though, I no longer live in Kansas, I urge you to do the right thing put the law abiding at parity with the less honorable. The less honorable will then be more timid in their predations.

Anonymous said...

That was mine. straightarrow, not hiding, just slow

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Well done, SA.