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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just found out . . .

I've talked Tuesday and yesterday about the Pike County (and Brown County, too, apparently) resolution of support for the Second Amendment (or more accurately, the resolution of opposition to the attacks on the Second Amendment). As it turns out, I have a quick note to add about one of the Pike County Board members who opposed the resolution.

From the Quincy Herald Whig article:

"I've carried a weapon 30 years of my life, ... but I'm not sure there's a time and place to address this issue on a county level," said board member Mike Lord, who voted against the resolution.
What I have now learned is that Mr. Lord was once the chief of police in Pittsfield, IL. Imagine that! An "Only One", as Mr. Codrea would refer to him, objecting to a county standing up to the state over gun rights.