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Monday, July 02, 2007

Deacons for Defenselessness take their show nationwide

No longer content with limiting his publicity seeking harassment of law-abiding Chuck's Gun Shop, Jesse Jackson is planning, to expand his campaign nationwide on August 28th (no word on whether or not "Snuffy" Pfleger is going to be involved).

Unlike Mayor Bloomberg, Jackson makes no effort to claim that he is after only "illegal" guns--he blames every gun buyer for violence committed with firearms.

“Our marching does not kill people; people who buy guns from gun shops kill people,” Rev. Jackson said.
That's funny--I've bought more than a few guns from gun shops, and know folks who have bought many more, but I don't know anyone who has killed a person.

It would seem that at least part of Jackson's angst regarding guns is based on confusion:
Rev. Jackson said the nationwide rallies would represent a grassroots effort to press state and federal legislators into passing “common sense” legislation to stem the flow of handguns and military-style automatic weapons.
The reverend should be very pleased to know that since 1934, "military-style automatic weapons" have been very tightly controlled by federal law (and even more so by state laws, depending on the state). This is great! One of his biggest objections is now taken care of. Don't thank me, Jesse--glad I could help.

By the way, if anyone has any idea what the following snippet means, please let me know in the comments section:
The National Rifle Association, a powerful special-interest lobbying organization and chief proponent of lax rules for gun ownership, is promoting a federal bill that would, among other things, eliminate any limits on the quantities of guns an individual may purchase.
Er . . . what? There is currently no federal law imposing gun rationing on purchasers. Three states (California, Maryland, and--interestingly enough, given the civilian disarmament lobby's vitriol over its supposedly "loose gun laws"--Virginia) do have such legislation, but if there is any effort underway to pass a federal law that would invalidate the gun rationing laws in those three states, I have not heard of it (and I try to keep abreast of such things).

Could be another case of confusion on Jesse's part--he seems to suffer from that a lot.


BobG said...

"Could be another case of confusion on Jesse's part--he seems to suffer from that a lot."

I don't think it is confusion as much as the fact that he is a lying, POS, media whore.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

There's that possibility, as well--I just didn't want to be accused (again) of spreading "vitriol."

Mike Kleymann said...

I just wonder if anyone's pointed out to Pfleger that guns are responsible for violence in the same way that Roman collars are responsible for pedophilia....

BobG said...

"I just didn't want to be accused (again) of spreading "vitriol.""

To paraphrase a famous American:

"If this be vitriol, make the most of it."

Buy-A-Gun said...

Celebrate this Jesse Jackson protest by buying a gun on August 28 2007... that's what I'll be doing. That's a no-brainer but now I'm having trouble deciding what I should buy next.


BA Moonshadow said...

I like the idea of the "Buy a gun day."