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Friday, July 13, 2007

More Illinois counties reject Chicago-style 'gun control'

Lots of stuff has been going down while my computer problems raged around me. Even now, I'll probably be blogging lightly for the next few days, while I catch up with a lot of other stuff. Anyway, figured I'd celebrate my return to the cyber-world with something I last covered here. Here's the good news: Adams, Pope, and Wayne Counties have joined the other 12 in passing resolutions condemning the Chicago area legislators' relentless attacks on the Second Amendment. That makes fifteen counties that have passed such a resolution.

Here's a short article about the Adams County resolution.

UPDATE: By the way, speaking of Adams County, I should probably mention that the mayor of Quincy, Illinois (county seat of Adams County), is Mayor John A. Spring, one of six Illinois mayors who are part of Bloomberg's Coalition of Nanny-State Mayors (or whatever they call themselves)--I would love to hear his reaction to the new county resolution.

Monroe and Piatt Counties have added this type of resolution to their agendas, and are expected to vote soon. The current map thus looks like this:

(Click to enlarge)

Even better, way up in Kendall County (Chicago 'burbs, basically), Oswego Township has passed a similar resolution on the township level. Township by township--this is real grassroots, folks, and deep in the belly of the civilian disarmament beast.

Ready to be surrounded by a sea of green, Cook County?


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As of last night, add Clay County to the list. :-)

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