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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Do I hear twelve?

In trying to keep up with the news of all the Illinois counties to pass resolutions formally rejecting Chicago-style "gun control," (recent posts about it can be found here, here, and here), I'm staying busy--and the pace would seem to be accelerating. Don't get me wrong--I'm certainly not complaining, but this is getting hard to keep up with (or up with which to keep--nobody makes me dangle a preposition when I choose not to ;-) ).

Anyway, yesterday saw not one, but two counties hitch themselves to the freedom train. Edwards and Wabash Counties have joined the growing body that rejects the dangerously flawed notion that the way to deal with violent crime is to trample the Constitutional rights of those who are not committing it. That makes twelve counties that have passed the resolution. The most current map thus looks like this:
(Click to enlarge)

By the way, I think the map should say that there are seven counties that have the resolution proposed, rather than eight.

I also need to make a correction of a statement I made Saturday--Massac County will have the resolution introduced today (or tonight, possibly), but it will not likely be voted on immediately, as I had stated.

Starting to feel lonely yet, Cook County?


Anonymous said...

Starting to feel lonely yet, Cook County?

I think you mean Crook Country. ;-)

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

That's alright, Eric--if it were up to me, I'd be happy to grant Cook . . . er, Crook independence as a sovereign nation.