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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Gun manufacturer helps the 'Only Ones' be the 'Only Ones'

Not knowing much about long-range tactical rifles ("sniper rifles," as the media herbivores would call them), I was unaware that CheyTac (Cheyenne Tactical) offers one grade of their Intervention M-200 rifle for military and law enforcement, and a less capable version to lowly private citizens.

Until now, the CheyTac Intervention M-200 was restricted to Military and Law Enforcement sales only due to its impressive capabilities and a desire by the CheyTac ownership to maintain every advantage with our Operators in the field. Now, CheyTac engineers have developed a mildly de-rated version of the M-200 named the CIV ( Civilian Intervention Version) to offer the long range competitor the outstanding capability of the M-200 while limiting its effective range to significantly less than that of the current Military versions.

CheyTac believes that in these times all responsible companies should first consider the American and allied troops in the field when offering long range precision rifle systems to the public at large.
So it would seem that CheyTac is happy enough to accept civilians' money, but at the same time wouldn't want to put the government's ability to impose its armed will on the populace in danger.

Compare the above philosophy with that embraced by Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, who, upon passage in California of a ban on .50 caliber rifles (for civilians), refused sales and services to any unit of California government, because that government, by imposing unconstitutional laws on its citizens, had become a criminal enterprise--and gun manufacturers have a moral and legal obligation to refuse sales to criminals (I've mentioned this before).

I am not in the market for a precision long-range tactical rifle (being confined to a wheelchair, and not having anything close to the kind of money I would need), but if I were, I would look very hard at one of Barrett's offerings chambered for the .416 Barrett round.

Ronnie Barrett supports the personal freedom of individual Americans. CheyTac supports governmental supremacy. Given those choices, I know whom I would support.

UPDATE: Oops--hadn't noticed that Snowflakes in Hell had written about this already back in May--and done so quite well.


Anonymous said...

...not to mention the fact that the M200CIV (Civilian Intervention Version) list price is $13795.00!Impressive firearm, but I agree with your reasoning!

Their philosophy sounds too much like the anti-2A folks!

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

...not to mention the fact that the M200CIV (Civilian Intervention Version) list price is $13795.00!

That's why I didn't bother to threaten a boycott--I'm not likely to scare anyone that way ;-) .

Thanks for stopping by, Coach.

Don said...

Yes, all those police and military snipers will be relieved to know that the next time they get into a sniper/countersniper duel with citizens a al Enemy at the Gates, they'll have a slight advantage in weaponry.
I'm sure that's the thought that's been keeping them up at night.
"What if some citizen snaps, and he has the same rifle I have? The horrors!"

Anonymous said...

fuck Chey/Tac.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

fuck Chey/Tac.

That would be the concise version of what I was trying to say, but I tend to get a bit verbose.

Good to see you around, StraightArrow--it has been awhile.

Anonymous said...

I have been out of pocket for a couple weeks, but even when I don't comment, I read.

I am addicted to your clarity of thought and purity of philosophy.

Anonymous said...

Sure, easy to say in AMERICA, but imagine the guy fighting in Iraq who now has a sniper trained by Iran armed with a rifle that is SUB MOA at 2,300 YARDS. incase you didn't know thats 1.3 miles give or take a couple hundred feet. Chew on that and bleed me some patriotism.

Anonymous said...

And since you can't afford it nor have the ability to use it properly, why are you bitching like a bunch of whiney hags anyway? nothing better to complain about than the man holding you down?

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

. . . bitching like a bunch of whiney hags . . .

Tough talk, from some bravely anonymous clown at Ft. Knox.

You, sir or madam, aren't worth my time.

Anonymous said...

one argument is this: If I could buy it, the cost notwithstanding, so could a local terrorist enemy already living in the USA (they are here) and get it into the hands of of their sponsor country, which would then be copied. The opposing or another argument is this: our enemies will get it anyway, both at home and abroad.

My interest in obtaining one is long shot hunting. Soooo, in summary, fuck CheyTac.


Anonymous said...

guys, in case you don't know, the terrorists will have it. and they will not acquire it via buying in the shop. no guys, it will be provided to them by the same government officers that pretend supremacy of the USA when in public. never forget, money talk. aaa, and don't smell.

Anonymous said...

Bunch of pussies crying over guns. Guns have never killed a single person, people do. I rather like the intervention the price was alot but worth it.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the Cheytac systems were readily available to civilians. I should know, I was a dealer of them. Of course it would help if they were actually producing rifles right now, which, they aren't. Nor are they even in business at the moment.