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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Belly up to the Barr tonight

I wrote yesterday about the contest at War on Guns to design the best poster commemorating supposed "Libertarian" Bob Barr's support of the Lauternberg gun ban.

Today, War on Guns tells us that there will be another opportunity to ask Barr about his Lautenberg connection.

Tonight at 6:30 (I assume EST since the blog appears to originate in VA), Bob Barr's son and campaign spokesman, Derek Barr, will be "liveblogging" at Good Sense. As you can see from the "Comments," I've already set the stage for the reason I'm holding this poster contest:
Why is the Barr campaign and Libertarian Party not replying to email inquiries about his support for the Lautenberg gun ban?
Some backup during the live blog will be appreciated, especially if the response needs to be expanded or clarified. I understand from the "Reader Information" link that it's not a chat room and a moderator must decide on passing on all questions.
Let's be too many voices to ignore.


George J. Dance said...

Why didn't you just ask Derek Barr what the campaign's position is on the ban? Why go off on a tangent about his ignoring your e-mails?

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

The attempt was made . . . and ignored.

George J. Dance said...

No; David asked Derek why his emails were being ignored; and Derek responded to that.
I can understand that that's important to him -- I'd be pretty hot if someone had ignored e-mails from me for almost 3 months -- but he let it get in the way of asking the actual question: What does Barr think of the Lautenberg ban now? Which let Derek off the hook: he can't be blamed for dodging a question that wasn't asked.