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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Turning the tables II: I really mean it this time

Yesterday, I posted a call to action regarding a donation by Clear Channel Outdoors of billboard space to a citizen disarmament group in Pennsylvania, called Moms Against Guns. The thrust of yesterday's post was that at that time, I and several other gun bloggers were under the impression that MAG was a non-profit organization, which would probably make that kind of politicking illegal.

As it turns out, though, we were wrong about MAG's supposed non-profit status, which means that there is nothing to be gained by trying to sic the IRS on them. I posted as much in an update, and suggested that we need to stand down.

David Codrea (War on Guns), however, reminds me that I was (sort of) right the first time, at least in the sense that there is action that we need to take--I was simply wrong about what kind of action.

Not a false alaerm and no time to stand down--it means ClearChannel and affiliates thought they were donating to a 501c3, and are now finding out it is a private LLC--which means they can't write it off and it violates their own policies about donations.

Now is the time to pile on them and get them to rescind the donation--that would be news.
What we need to do now is leave Clear Channel with absolutely no room to misunderstand what an unwise course of action they've embarked on.

Let's give 'em the word.


Anonymous said...

i just saw the billboard yesterday. it says they are against illegal handguns...not about taking our legal rights. i'm pro gun. just thought you'd like to know what the billboard actually says.