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Friday, July 18, 2008

What if DC threw a registration party, and no one came?

It seems that on the first day of Washington DC's acceptance of applications to register handguns (revolvers only, of course), only one application was submitted.

The only application received yesterday was from a woman who brought a revolver to the registration office under the amnesty program, officials said.
Hmm--I guess there was only one unregistered handgun in Washington DC--who knew? Since we're told that lethal violence is directly correlated to the number of guns around, I guess DC must be a tranquil sanctuary from all the violent crime normally associated with large American cities. Heck--it was two long years ago that a "crime emergency" was declared in DC.

Sarcasm aside, we of course know that handguns are quite common in DC. I guess that not many folks in DC want to, as War on Guns puts it, "Line Right Up and Stick [Their] Neck[s] on This Block."

Good for them. The proper response to a gun registration program--especially one that goes out of its way to be as draconian as possible--is massive non-compliance. Like most peaceable, conscientious people, I'm in no hurry to refresh the tree of liberty, despite its rather dire need for some serious freshening up. The only middle ground between docile, herbivore-like acquiescence on the one hand, and overt rebellion--with all the blood and misery that entails on the other--is quiet refusal to play their statist game.

By the way, I wonder what the lone applicant thinks of this:
By law, she must keep the gun in her home, unloaded and either disassembled or fitted with a trigger lock, and she is not allowed to use it, even for self-defense, unless her application is approved.
In other words, if someone breaks into her house in the meantime, intent on raping and killing her, she is required by law to submit to it. Hopefully, if it comes to that, she'll realize that her Constitutionally guaranteed, fundamental absolute human right of the individual to keep and bear arms trumps the "law."

I wonder if they gave her patch to her yet.


Anonymous said...

You do realize that Heller himself applied and was denied, of course.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Well, the way I read it, Heller didn't technically apply, because one can only apply if the firearm is present.

I decided not to discuss the situation with Heller himself, because it's being well covered elsewhere.

Smershagent said...

I imagine that Fenty and his gang (if Second Amendment advocates get to be a "gang", then it only seems fair the other side have the same noble designation) are going to use the apparent lack of interest in registration as "proof" that handguns are unpopular and uncommon in the city, and that the peaceful, safe citizens there have no interest in having guns forced upon them by the soulless NRA.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I suspect so. I don't imagine they'll find many takers for that line of bull, though, even among those who don't follow the issue closely.

Sebastian said...

I posted about this too. The anti-gun groups are acting all surprised. You have to figure that people who care about the issue to follow it closely aren't going to line up to bend over for Fenty.

If I lived in DC, and had guns either illegally in the city or outside, you can bet I'm holding off under the very strong likelihood most of their bullshit gets tossed, either by Congress or the courts, rather than volunteering to register the pistol I've likely had for ages.

The only other people who might be getting interested in getting a gun in DC probably don't have one yet, and for those people, there's not yet any solution.

Anonymous said...

There is a solution for the problem in DC, of course, but, it involves everyone in the City that owns a Weapon, of whatever type, registered or not, marching down to City Hall and forming a line. Then, at a given time (when there are enough of them), everyone pulls out their loaded Weapon and empties out City Hall, ushering the denizens from within to the City Limits, and, leaving them at that point with orders not to return.

Of course, it would probably be best to have the acquiesence of the State they're deposited in to ensure they do not attempt to re-enter DC.

The Justification for this is found in the Constitution where it defines "Conspiracy to Commit Tyranny," which is exactly what we have in the current 'ruling' administration of DC.

In case no-one else noticed, there is no stated time limit on how long DC can sit on an application, or, specified remedies to force compliance for the issue of any application, nor, (that I can find) clearly stated reasons for denial.

The way I read it, "We don't like you," is the only reason necessary to cancel an Application. This is basically the reason for the denial of Hellers attempt at Registration. Thankfully, he was smart enough to leave the Weapon whereever it is stored, so they couldn't confiscate it as a prohibited "Machinegun."