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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Design the best poster--Barr none

For those who hold my views, the upcoming presidential election has had very little to offer since the dissolution of the Ron Paul campaign. There's John "Close the 'gun show loophole'" McCain on the one hand, and Barack "please don't talk about guns until after the election" Obama on the other. Oh, yeah--there's also Bob Barr. Bob "Cleaner-upper of the Lautenberg Amendment" Barr.

I've made no secret of my admiration for David Codrea's War on Guns blog, but just once, I wish he would have left my illusions intact, and allowed me to believe that in voting for Barr, I would be voting for a candidate to whom liberty meant everything (I was willing to forgive Barr's "Patriot Act" vote, since he publicly recanted it). OK--I don't really wish David hadn't shattered my illusions, but it does leave me with precious little in the way of choices in November.

To make matters worse, Barr is apparently uninterested in answering questions about his stance regarding the Lautenberg ban, and in fact continues to ignore such questions, along with the Libertarian Party.

That's why War on Guns is hosting a poster contest (follow the title link):

Let's have a contest.

Design a Barr/Lautenberg poster of your own. If you have a blog, post it and send me a link so I can send traffic your way. If you don't, just send me your graphic as a .jpg file.

I'll post them as I get them, and will pick a time--maybe two weeks from now--to present them together. I still have to figure out how to select a "winner" and what prize I can come up with, but what the heck--let's have some fun.
I'm about as artistic and creative as I am skilled at bullfighting, so I don't imagine I'll be entering, but I would like to encourage anyone who does have such skills (poster designing--not bullfighting) to join the fun.