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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2A Blog Bash--only the ideologically pure need apply?

Apparently, being a pro-RKBA blogger isn't enough to secure an invitation to the 2A Blog Bash. Over at War on Guns, David has uncovered what appears very much to be an effort to exclude anyone the organizers have taken a personal disliking to, and even anyone associated with such people (no matter how remotely).

Imagine that! They think poorly of all the GREs? There are now 14 of us, you know, all of us our own people representing our own views. Do they even think poorly of the GREs repeatedly invited back to Cam & Co.? Or just of me? And they'll take that out on one of the writers in any of 60 venues across the nation because of it? Talk about guilt by association.

Besides, since when have I been known not to behave myself in public? The Bashers have never met me in person.

Wanting to get to the bottom of things, I went to their site and registered. And wanting to go with a friend of mine, I got Mike Vanderboegh to register. That was this morning.

Imagine my surprise when I invited another friend to register and we found that in the ensuing moments since Mike and my registration, the sign-up form had... disappeared. What you get instead is an "Error 404 – File not Found" message.
In the immediate wake of that discovery, David further discovered that registration for attendance had been closed--right then.

It is, of course, entirely their prerogative to exclude whomever they think would somehow spoil their event--it is, after all, their party.

Still, I think they're making a mistake, by failing to capitalize on the apparent exclusivity of the event--perhaps they should call it the 2A Über-Blog Bash.


straightarrow said...

Perhaps they should call it what it really is. Bitter and Sebastian's masturbatory attempt to stroke themselves into feeling good about themselves by only inviting people with whom they have previously shared a pragmatic circle jerk.

No real advocates for liberty need apply. It would ruin the "Aren't we grand?" orgasm.

Anonymous said...

I must sadly say that I am not really surprised by this. It was only a matter of time before the blogosphere developed the very same clique mentality that's infected the mainstream media, and the accompanying clique-ish attitudes and groupthink. And this was only sped along by the fact that many of them are friends in real life; anybody who's observed human relationships for any period of time knows when that sort of thing happens it affects one's objectivity. Don't get me wrong, it's cool that their blogs fostered meatspace friendships, but I surely hope no one thought that group wasn't going to form an agenda of its own and exclude or ostracize those who didn't quite agree with said agenda though they still ultimately shared the same goals with the people they agreed with. And yeah, people have gotten killed because of those attitudes (ex.: the Challenger explosion), but still they remain.

AJ187 said...

Couldn't care less. Started reading the Sebastian/caleb/bitter bunch when they were arguing about the whole 3 percenter thing. I didn't have a dog in the fight and really still don't, but I definitely was turned off to those three when they started in on all their usual swearing and name calling. That's why I always act respectful in online debates, so the person looking in doesn't get offended.

USCitizen said...

There's probably a lot less drama than that.

Here's the explanation from the 2ABlogBash site:

"Following the Mitt Spammers, Sarah Stalkers, and an email I received warning me that people were asked to submit fake registrations, I have been forced to close it early. The demands on the server and my time to sort out the real from the fake are just too high."

Have you tried an email?

Heck, I registered and I'm pretty sure they don't like me!

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

David addressed that, USCitizen, and to be brief (and blunt), I ain't buying it.

David Codrea said...

US Citizen-- a fellow Examiner columnist from Arizona asked the Gun Rights Examiners in our discussion board if we could explain why her app was rejected. Here's why:

"Their reason?

"They think poorly of Examiner gun rights guys, so therefore I can't be counted on to behave myself in public. Sheesh!"
This person is a stranger to them and a stranger to me (there are thousands of Examiners in 59 cities and at the national level).

This is intentional. Plus, the registration didn't conveniently close until after Mike Vanderboegh and I got auto-confirmation that our apps had been received.

This is exclusion, plain and simple, and any other "explanation" is disingenuous.

And yes, Mike sent Bitter an email and I posted a comment to her on the Blog Bash site. They haven't figured out what public face to put on this yet, but they're starting to realize that hiding might not work to their advantage.

straightarrow said...

".....but I definitely was turned off to those three when they started in on all their usual swearing and name calling."-A.J.187

You don't need to tell me about it. They did the same to me when I voiced disagreement and did so respectfully. After many ad hominem attacks where my honor, intelligence and sanity were attacked I pointed it out to them just what kind of people they must be to engage in such behavior and gave them one comment of their own style back. I suggested conversation, yes, conversation. Snowflakes went running and screaming that I had threatened them and banned me from the site. Of course, he then went on to vilify me behind my back, knowing I could not respond.

So, this doesn't surprise me. Neither of them are fit company for decent people. Ever since they pulled that crap I have taken opportunity to let the world know just what these two are and what they aren't.

As for Caleb, I haven't had any abuse from him, nor have I given him any. I don't visit his site, but we have both commented on same sites, and I often didn't agree with him, but I can't recall him being as immorally vituperative as Sebastian and the Bitter Bitch.

straightarrow said...

With a boyfriend like the Snowflake who melts at the first sign of heat, would that explain the bitterness?

AJ187 said...

Straightarrow, that's right caleb is quite mannered (dapper even). I don't know why I included him in my rant otherwise for the fact that he seemed to be on the Sebastion/bitter side of that arguement. But I'm a casual reader so any good Caleb does with his polite discourse gets wasted with Sebastion/Bitter and I write them all off. We must all strive to present our arguments as reasoned and polite so those that look in don't write us off as immature idiots.

Regardless, my apologies to Caleb for roping him in to the Sebastion/Bitter bunch.

USCitizen said...

I hope you can find a way to attend. Meanwile, I'll look forward to meeting you, Mike V. and David C.

- UsCitizen