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Monday, April 27, 2009

Citizen disarmament lobby getting impatient with Obama administration

With the most anti-gun president in history in office, concurrent with a very strong Democratic majority in both houses of Congress, the citizen disarmament lobby is chomping at the bit to get the anti-gun jihad going full gear. The Chicago Tribune, for example, notes that Obama was once a good deal more aggressive in pushing for draconian gun laws than he is--at least openly--at the moment.

"Our playgrounds have become battlegrounds. Our streets have become cemeteries. Our schools have become places to mourn the ones we've lost," he told a standing-room-only congregation at the Far South Side church. "The violence is unacceptable, and it's got to stop."

As he expressed outrage over 32 Chicago public schoolchildren having been killed that previous school year, Obama called for better enforcement of existing gun laws, tighter background checks on gun buyers and a permanent assault-weapons ban.

"A couple weeks ago, cops found an AK-47 near a West Side school," he said at the time. "That type of weapon belongs on a battlefield, not on the streets of Chicago."
This, remember, comes out of the same mouth that said that "what works in Chicago may not work in Cheyenne," in reference to gun laws. If that's what "works" in Chicago, and the most restrictive gun laws in the nation, I'd hate to see what doesn't work. Besides, as David points out, Obama's purview is federal legislation--legislation that would, in other words, apply in Chicago and Cheyenne, where it would presumably "work" just as well as it does in Chicago.

But the Tribune laments that the gun ban agenda seems to have fallen by the wayside.
Fast-forward to the present: 33 Chicago public school students have been slain so far this school year.

But even as Obama has packed his agenda during his first 100 days in office, he has mostly bypassed the contentious gun issue, despite its importance in Chicago and other urban areas.

Gun and ammunition sales have surged across the nation since Obama's election because of fear that his administration will put additional restrictions in place. But at least so far, Obama and Democrats in Congress have given no indication that they will re-impose an expired ban on the sale of so-called assault weapons.
If that "surge" in purchases isn't part of what is causing Obama and his gun grabbing cohorts to rethink their agenda, it should be. Americans are sending a very clear message about what we think of any potential efforts to disarm us--a message that those who would ignore it do so at their own peril.

That a major push against private gun ownership will come at some time during the Obama presidency is not widely questioned--it's simply a matter of timing.

Some of the tyranny enablers of the citizen disarmament lobby, though, are not interested in excuses--they want their gun bans, and they want them now.
Thom Mannard, executive director of the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, said he did not expect Obama to push gun legislation early on in his administration. But he said that advocates will be looking for leadership on the issue and "there probably will be a limit to that patience."
To that, I say, "bring it on, right now."

See where that gets you.


LUCKY said...

Wouldn't it be nice if the Anti gun crowd could just live in their gun free zones and leave the rest of us alone. Very quickly I suspect that these people would either be dead at the hands of criminals who could care less about gun laws or would abandon their anti gun cause and take up arms to protect their lives, the lives of their faimlies and their property from those who seek to take it from them.

Anonymous said...

RE: Lucky.
These gun-free-zoners wouldn't be able to take up arms, even if they wanted to, because guns would have been outlawed to the point where there wouldn't be any available. (That's why it would be a gun-free-zone).

BUT, if they wanted to come out of their GFZ and join the real world, they'd have to take an oath, swearing to never interfere with the rights of citizens, including the 2A.

B Woodman

LUCKY said...

Guns would still exist in the gun free zone. Granted they would be there illegaly but I'm sure even some of the rapid anti gun legisltors might have a hand gun secreted away in their homes. I still believe the guns would be available but only to those who got them via a black market. However I do hear what you're saying about these "Law abiding" citizens not having them or caring to.

B Smith said...

I read somewhere that in the three months after the '08 election, Americans bought some 3.7 MILLION firearms. (The article stated that that number was more than sufficient to arm the entire Chinese and Indian armies, COMBINED)
If this is true, and gun owners (particularly those with the uber-deadly "assault weapons") just want to kill their fellow citizens, then where is the corresponding rise in the death toll on U.S. streets?