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Friday, April 10, 2009

Question about the 'Iron Trickle' to Mexico

A question has been building at the back of my mind--maybe someone could help me with it. It seems you can't browse Al Gore's Internet for long without seeing an article about the fact that AR-15s and AK knock-offs are flying off the shelf so fast that they're very hard to get, and if a would-be buyer does find one, he's not getting it without a pretty tall stack of cash. While at the Shotgun News Table at Knob Creek, Mike Vanderboegh overheard this astonishing news:

Factoid heard at the SGN table: There are in excess of 100,000 ARs on backorder at the various manufacturers.
Anecdotal evidence, to be sure, but not at all implausible.

So anyway, my question is that if manufacturers cannot come close to keeping up with domestic demand, how the hell could they be the source of some mythical "iron river" to Mexico? Where, for that matter, are the cartel goons getting ammo? Not primarily in the U.S., I'd wager.

The devil's advocate may jump in here, and claim that maybe the "flow of guns" to Mexico is the reason (or a big part of it) for the shortage here, but I find that hypothesis rather unlikely.

As always, the gun haters' stories just don't add up.


Fits said...

Not so anecdotal at all, brother. Wal-Mart has signs around the sporting goods section here in Florida that they'll not take orders for rifles OR ammunition of any kind because their suppliers simply say there's nary any to be found.

Time was when I'd pick up a case or two of various munitions after a manager would put in a simple phone call, or check the price on virtually any semi-automatic long gun, but not any more.

If Wally World can't get it, nobody can.