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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Don't kid yourself--confiscation is the goal

A common theme we hear from the citizen disarmament lobby is the claim that they don't want to take our guns--they just want to "regulate" them. That, anyway, is what they say now--they were once less circumspect, as Handgun Control, Inc. (which is now the Brady Campaign) founder and chairman Nelson T. "Pete" Shields demonstrated more than once:

Our ultimate goal — total control of handguns in the United States — is going to take time. My estimate is from seven to ten years. The problem is to slow down the increasing number of handguns sold in this country. The second problem is to get them all registered. And the final problem is to make the possession of all handguns and all handgun ammunition — except for the military, policemen, licensed security guards, licensed sporting clubs, and licensed gun collectors — totally illegal.
And . . .
Yes, I'm for an outright ban [on handguns]."
Ostensibly "conservative" syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer actually wrote that the eventual goal of government should be the banning and confiscation of all firearms.
In fact, the assault weapons ban will have no significant effect either on the crime rate or on personal security. Nonetheless, it is a good idea . . . . Its only real justification is not to reduce crime but to desensitize the public to the regulation of weapons in preparation for their ultimate confiscation.
For the most part, the gun prohibitionists have gotten out of the habit of saying such things publicly, because they have learned that it outrages patriotic, liberty loving Americans, and perhaps because they've noticed that three quarters of Americans know that the Second Amendment protects the individual's right to own firearms (note that those results were obtained in February 2008--before the Heller decision--they have apparently left the poll up, and now the results are even more lopsided).

Still, even now, some of the most radical citizen disarmament advocates cannot resist letting slip some not so subtle clues about what they're after.

I've written often about the outrageously, cynically misnamed "Freedom States Alliance," lavishly funded by the rabidly anti-gun, enormously wealthy Joyce Foundation.

Here's what they're saying:
With over 30,000 gun deaths in the U.S. each year, an appropriate response to this epidemic should be bold and comprehensive policies to prevent further homicides, suicides and unintentional injuries.

“Little is being done to address the elephant in the room: the 280 million guns already in circulation and how to reduce this staggering number,” said Sally Slovenski, Executive Director of Freedom States Alliance.
You don't "reduce [the] 'staggering' number" of guns except by taking many away, and apparently, the fact that numerous Constitutional rights would have to be trampled for that to happen isn't a problem in Sally's mind.

I'm going to put my "Three Percenter" hat on, and tell Sally to come try it--come try to take our guns. We'll be waiting.

Oh--one more thing. Dress nicely, and get your hair and makeup just right--modern optics can be . . . unforgiving.


Claude said...

How do they expect every single gun owner to just turn over their weapons? I bet you there will be a huge amount of bloodletting before anything like that happens.

Oh, did I mention I just mounted one of those nice optical pieces?


Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Oh, did I mention I just mounted one of those nice optical pieces?


Lookin' good (hey--unintentional double meaning), Claude.

Heli gunner Tom said...

Great Blog! As a retired Chrysler worker and a disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70, I certainly support the entire U.S. Constitution, but especially our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. obama is a threat to the world of humanity!

Tom S

Stewart said...

Just to let you know about what is happening here in South Africa right now, as we speak!

New "gun-control" laws were enacted in 2004, with a 5 year window for mandatory re-registration of all firearms - we had laws which required licencing and registration before this new law, but they were not too onerous and you got a licence FOR LIFE.

The 5 years has just finished on March 31 2009 - and the scenes of chaos at the designated licencing offices, located at police stations around the country were something to behold! Utter chaos - people lining up and having to wait 12 - 15 hours and more due to the numbers applying.

Problem is most will not get a "new' licence, as the criteria are so strict that most will be rejected as "not convinced of need" - in other words this new and evil law requires that a gun owner who has an old licence now has to convince the authorities of a "convincing need" for a firearm. Have you ever heard such bulldust?

Those who will be rejected are then supposed to either "dispose" of their firearms by selling them (but as a result of the new law, there are hardly any dealers still in business to sell to and the market is so destroyed that your gun will be worth pennies anyway - thus the cops are demanding that guns not re-licenced are handed in to them for destruction.Penalty? - up to 10 years imprisonment for having an "illegal" firarm after June 30 2009!

I could go into much more detail of the injustice of this law - but that would take several more pages - suffice to say that the global gun ban under the UN/IANSA etc is taking effect - you guys in the US need to fight tooth and nail NOW and keep fighting against this, or you will see it happen!

Claude said...

@Stewart - You guys are obviously suffering from the slow but steady encroachment of "common-sense" gun laws. This is where we are today in America.

Here we have the added *benefit* of having different laws at the state level. Some states force you to license your guns, others do not. I moved to one of the good states in 2007 for that reason.

Pennsylvania requires only a background check with the FBI, which is done over the phone in a matter of minutes, that's it.

The Tiahrt Amendment is currently under attack by anti-gunners who'd love nothing more than to have access to that federal database. This would reveal the ownership and location of every legally owned firearm in the U.S.

That my friend, paired with UN treaties is what threatens our constitutional rights.

Did I mention my vision is still 20/20?

straightarrow said...

Well Claude hooray for you. No, I'm serious we each fight how we know.

I will not ask permission, and I am sure that I am known as a gunowner. I will not be peaceful should the PTB decide I need corrected. I will not move to a more friendly state. I may, however, try to punish the unfriendly for I am in accord with natural law, the Supreme Law of the Land, and my own yearnings to liberty.

To Hell with anyone who does not respect that. If I can help them on their journey, well hey, I always try to be helpful.