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Thursday, June 11, 2009

DHS 'right-wing extemist' report--outrageous before Holocaust Museum shooting, and still outrageous afterward

As David Codrea discusses today, the statists have wasted little time in pointing to the Holocaust Museum shooter as vindication of the now infamous Department of Homeland Security "right-wing extremist" report.

"Does Holocaust Shooting Validate Homeland Security Report?" asks Ed O'Keefe in The Washington Post.

We talked about that report here. Now, with an almost "I told you so" glee, outlets like Politico are propagating a meme:
“I think this latest round of killing once again shows how ridiculous the criticism from the right of the Department of Homeland Security report was. That whole brouhaha was absurd,” said Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center...

“We felt the DHS report was pretty right on,” said Deborah Lauter of the Anti-Defamation League.
The Holocaust Museum shooter was a dyed in the wool, hate mongering bigot (as well as a federal felon).

The DHS report, on the other hand, while it mentioned genuine threats, such as neo-nazi vermin like Von Brunn, cast a much wider net than that--including military veterans, gun rights advocates, and advocates of secure borders. The report, in other words, equated devotees of the Constitution with self-proclaimed "race warriors."

The conclusion that can be drawn from this atrocity is the futility of trying to stop violence with more gun laws. Von Brunn, being a federal felon, committed another felony by mere virtue of possessing a gun. Even without such a prohibition, carrying a rifle into a Washington D.C. museum would very definitely be illegal.

Evil people commit evil acts, have done so since long before the invention of firearms, and will no doubt continue to do so for as long as humanity exists. For such people, there are few sure cures. Here's one (photo courtesy of Oleg Volk):