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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Restrictive gun laws violate civil rights

That essay was written by Temple University Law Professor David Kairys, who, interestingly enough, specializes in civil rights law, and is known for fighting racial discrimination.

He is, presumably, an educated man, and an opponent of racial prejudice. Why, then, is he in favor of policies that have the goal of disproportionately disarming the very people whose rights he supposedly champions?

Sounds like someone who needs to watch "No Guns for Negroes." Perhaps I'll buy him a copy. [More]

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Bob S. said...

Caught this little gem in the abstract for his essay

any person so inclined can buy huge quantities of cheap, easily concealed handguns and sell them to others indiscriminately, often without violating any law and usually without having to worry much about getting arrested, prosecuted, or convicted.

Wouldn't that person buying and selling firearms be called a dealer and as such need a federal license?

Isn't odd that a professor would over look such a detail?