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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Why didn't I think of this?

A bit of a departure for me--this has less to do with gun rights than with gun . . . stuff that I find interesting.

Enter the Blanklock Muzzleloader Firing System:

I developed the blanklock device primarily as an alternative means to fire a muzzleloading firearm. The use of a blank cartridge replaces both the primer (percussion cap or primer) and the gunpowder. The blank cartridges (or power loads) to use are commonly available at hardware stores for use in power actuated nail guns. This system is ideal for light hunting, target practice, and firearms training, especially where low recoil and low report, and clean operation is desired. It can also be used to remove a stuck projectile from the bore when other methods fail to do so.

For use in re-enacting, stage or screen play use, a blank is used without any projectile in the bore. The loudness of the report can be adjusted by selecting whatever power level blank is desired. Level one is the lowest and level four is the highest commonly available in .22 caliber. Sometimes fives can be found. Velocity performance depends on factors such as caliber and bore length of the gun used as well as power load level and the weight of the projectile. Chronograph results on average using round ball and level 5 blanks are as follows; .50 caliber- 650 fps. .45 caliber- 900 fps. .32 caliber- 1400 fps

This unit is designed to fit many right hand side hammer muzzleloading guns with the drum & nipple breach. Do not use this unit on the left side of a barrel; the vent will not be in alignment with the bore. For some this is a Do-it-yourself project. Others may wish to use the services of a competent gunsmith. A gun with the bolster type breach can be used, but requires machine shop work to mill off the side of the bolster and drill and tap for the blanklock device. The thread size is 10 X 1.25 MM. The drum & nipple type guns are a lot easier to convert to blank operation. Among the brands of available guns that will work include CVA, Traditions, and Jukar all of which use the 10X 1.25 MM thread size.

For the time being the use of the blanklock system is with the blank as the sole propellant that is without any added gunpowder. The pressure ratings of barrels by different manufacturers will vary according to metallurgy, production methods, barrel dimensions and caliber. Pressure and strain tests need to be done before the use of black powder or appropriate substitute will be deemed safe. If the gun is to be used anyway with black powder or black powder substitute then use only level one power loads. Those who must experiment should use good sense and go easy.
Pretty clever. Click on the above link for the full description, with pics, and ordering information.

Actually, there are gun rights implications for this. By federal law, and in many states, black powder muzzleloaders can be bought and sold without any legal hoops to jump through, as can the blanks and bullets (with a bullet mold, a casting furnace, and some lead wheel weights, you could make also make your own bullets). Something for us "right-wing extremists" to keep in mind, especially if petty tyrants like Rep. Peter King ("R"-NY) get their way.

Not an ideal arm for defending liberty, but beats the hell out of a pointy stick.


Anonymous said...

This might be a savior for Knight guns. I just read that they were going belly up.

B Woodman

tom said...

FWIW, Stephen Mueller (inventor) was a gunsmith at times for Westley Richards, North America when they were in Missouri and is a pretty sharp fellow as well as a gentleman and for liability reasons I won't tell you how much powder you can get away with using along with the "black using priming device/theatrical effect accessory", but you can get impressive results if you work up slowly.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Yeah--I would hope that anyone tempted to do those kinds of experiments would be very cautious.

Ryan said...

The benefit of this I can see is that it will make things even easier for muzzle loading hunters. Really seems like they are at best skirting the rules pretty hard.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

"Skirting" blatantly unconstitutional "rules" sounds like strict obedience to the spirit of the Constitution, to me.

tom said...

BATFE has ruled it's a "firearms accessory". He had to go all the way to Federal appeals court in DC to get that ruling.

Legally speaking, it's a theatrical and alternate priming device as it isn't a firearm in it's own right anymore than cartridge conversion cylinders for cap and ball revolvers are firearms in and of themselves...this ruling could change at any time but seems unlikely to change. As somebody involved says "If the ruling changes, people will still know how to make them."

There's also a revolver one that has been ruled the same (as an accessory) but isn't in production yet.

Not that I have any knowledge of the issue...


tom said...

Oh, FWIW, original intent of invention was to make things simpler for muzzle loader hunters and be an improvement on the shotgun primer ignition systems as one could adapt something as reliable without having to buy a new muzzle loader, keeping the sidelock action, double set triggers, and what have you that you may already have in a favored front stuffer.