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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Vote to override TN self-defense in restaurants veto expected today

The Tennessee House, and possibly the Senate, are expected to vote today on whether or not to override Governor Phil Bredersen's override of a bill that would end mandated defenselessness in restaurants that serve alcohol. The Memphis Commercial-Appeal editorial staff is busily soiling their panties over the expected override.

The Tennessee House is expected to vote today on an effort to override Gov. Phil Bredesen's veto of a bill allowing handgun carry permit holders to carry guns into restaurants where alcohol is served.

It is the first of two opportunities Tennesseeans will have to register their concerns about efforts by members of the General Assembly to loosen the strings on where permit holders can bear arms. Senate supporters also will mount an override effort.
Never mind that the bill would change nothing about the legality of drinking while carrying a firearm, never mind that bars and restaurants will still be able to prohibit carrying firearms (if doing so makes them "feel safe"), and never mind that Bredersen promised to sign such a bill, in order to gain the NRA's support.

Given the fact that in Tennessee, only a simple majority in each chamber is required to override a veto, chances are good that the override vote will succeed, especially given the amount of support the bill received in the initial votes (70-26 66-23--sorry, had some bad information--in the House, and 26-7 in the Senate--well over the 50 House votes and 17 Senate votes necessary for an override).
The Tennessee General Assembly seems eager and poised to make Tennessee a more dangerous place
Ah--if only Tennessee legislators understood the "safety" inherent to defenselessness.

Update: House override vote successful--actually picking up three votes. On to the Senate.

Update II: The Senate vote is apparently expected tomorrow.