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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another CSGV triumph!

CSGV's Facebook page alerts concerned cud-chewers to an online poll about campus carry at George Mason University:

Should students/teachers be allowed to carry weapons at Mason?http://fairfaxcity.patch.com/articles/poll-recap
Hmm . . . not looking so good for the anti-self-defense crowd:

Fortunately, CSGV left a comment with an explanation for the cud-chewers' poor showing:
Thanks for the heads-up, Whitney. Unfortunately, online polls suffer badly from pro-gun website spamming.
R-i-g-h-h-h-t. That's the problem--"pro-gun website spamming" is the reason your side has only mustered 12 votes in the three hours that it's been on CSGV's Facebook page (and about 4 1/2 hours since the poll has been up).


Mike W. said...

Funny, that must be the same reason why virtually EVERY online poll goes against them?

It's a conspiracy I tell ya! Sarah Brady said so!